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Fitness and Sports Training Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

Now that we’re nearing the end of 2016, what can we expect in 2017 in terms of fitness, personal and sports training trends? Below are a few of them.

1. Wearable technology. Not long ago, the only wearable technology commonly used by fitness buffs, especially runners, is a watch that tells them how far they’ve covered during their run. But with the advancements in fitness technology, wearable gadgets are no longer restricted to watches. Nowadays, you can see someone who’s in the middle of training wearing a heart rate monitor, an intensity monitor, or a pedometer. And by 2017, this trend is expected to continue. In fact, a lot of fitness and sports trainers require their clients to wear one of these devices; from FitBit One to the Garmin Forerunner, Polar Loop, and Armour 39.

2. High-intensity interval training. For anyone who is serious about shedding off excess pounds, or for those who want to enhance their strength and endurance, high-intensity training is the usual course of action. However, starting on a routine is one thing, and following it through until you’ve reached your fitness goal is a completely different matter. This is why for 2017, the use of high-intensity interval training is likely to increase among trainers, fitness buffs, and athletes.

In a nutshell, high-intensity interval training involves performing intense workouts in short bursts, taking a break in-between, and then doing the workout again; hence, the interval factor.

3. Bodyweight/strength training. Exercises that build your strength by building your muscle mass are seen to increase in 2017. Studies show that strength training helps improve one’s metabolism and decrease the chances of gaining weight and for these, a lot more fitness enthusiasts and trainers will be focusing on strength or bodyweight training as well.

There a few other trends that are predicted to pick-up in the coming year, including turning to professionally trained fitness and sports trainers to provide scientifically proven methods to increase strength, endurance, muscle mass, and shed off excess weight.

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