Peter Benedict Mini Bio

Peter Benedict was born and raised in Ontario, Canada by two sports-loving parents. This is probably why, when it came time for him to attend school, his parents enrolled him at St. Andrew’s College, a school known for its excellent sports programs. And this is why Peter grew up loving sports, and being mindful about his physical fitness.

Peter also liked helping people. Even as a child, he would be quick to volunteer to do the chores at home because he knew how tired his parents were after working all day in their offices. When there’s a new kid in school, he would make it a point to approach him and show him around. Helping others just comes naturally for him.

And it would seem that being a sports trainer also came naturally for him. This career allows him to focus on three things that are important to him: sports, staying physically fit, and helping others. It doesn’t hurt that he gets paid quite well too. But monetary rewards aside, being a sports trainer for athletes and regular Joes alike is already a reward in itself. Witnessing his clients’ progress, and seeing them change a few lifestyle habits to achieve a balanced life are rewards that no amount of money could ever equal.

Early Career

When Peter moved to Washington, he didn’t immediately start out as a sports trainer. In fact, he was anything but. He took odd jobs to pay for rent, utilities and other bills. From waiting tables to walking dogs on weekends, he took whatever job he could to make ends meet. But through it all, he never lost his focus. He wanted to be a sports trainer, no matter how long it takes.

By a stroke of luck, the gym that he regularly went to needed an additional fitness trainer, and without even applying for it, he was offered the job. The gym owner saw his discipline and dedication to his fitness routine, and these made him a perfect fit for the job.

Soon enough, he was getting requests for private fitness training, and one of them happened to be an athlete at St. Andrews University in Laurinburg, NC, who was out on holiday break. Word soon got around that there was a new fitness trainer in town, and he happened to be training a university athlete. His career soon took off. Maybe it was being at the right place at the right time, or maybe the stars aligned to deliver him the job that he wanted. Whatever it was, Peter Benedict knew that had he not grabbed the opportunity to work as a fitness trainer at the gym he frequented, he might not be where he is right now.

Of course, all these are fruits of his labor too.

Today, Peter spends as much time keeping fit as he does helping others stay fit, healthy, and ready for their next big game. He also dabbles in photography, and he does volunteer work for his local community.